Weingut Köwerich Fräulein Mosel Kabinett Riesling


Weingut Nikolaus Köwerich is located on the Central Mosel, nestling on a particularly beautiful river bend between Trier and Bernkastel. The valley is sun-drenched, and this landscape, characterized by blue Devonian slate, has been growing wine here for two millennia. Riesling has been grown on the Mosel since 1465 and the Köwerich family has been listed in the town’s parish register since 1548.

Dense floral aromas with a hint of vanilla and caramel. Juicy, full-bodied, slightly emphasized in the sweetness, with a subtle mineral tinge, and expressing harmonious maturity. Loves to be paired with hearty dishes and Asian cuisine. It gives a new twist to traditional dishes such as liver sausage and ham sandwiches, and perfect with curries, Quiche Lorraine and cream cheese pralines. This wine is sweet.